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This Joomla plugin AND module will dynamically list down the links to related articles for the displayed article. The links to related articles will be displayed at the bottom of the article and hyperlink will be provided for each related article, in the list.


There is 2 different branches of this plugins

  • Plugin version 1.5.x display only related articles in a list format without thumbnails
  • Plugin/Module version 2.0.0 can display thumbnails, or not, and is more features complete


version 2.x.x



  • Thumbnails resizing require PHP GD2 library for manipulating images. Any serious hosting company should have this option. Ask your Hosting support company!


  • Native Joomla! 1.5 plugins
  • Next 10 or more articles in bottom for the current article from the same same category with thumbnails


  • Are created from the first images found in your introtext,
  • For articles without images or when none are found you can provide a path to a default image
  • Are saved in Joomla! /cache directory and are created only once for an article as it is required addtional CPU
  • Currently the oldest thumbnails get removed 5 by 5 when you will have more then 500 thumbnails in /cache


  • Support for SEF friendly URLs
  • Code produced is XHTML 1.0 Strict,
  • Tested in the following browser Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 8
  • Approved at Joomla Extension JED,
  • GPL v3.0,
  • PHP5 object oriented with enough comments for you to be able to understand the code :-)
  • Non commercial. Donations are welcomed but not necessary as I earn enough money. I prefer you to keep the advertisment link as it make more users discover my work!

Administrator panel



Download HERE

Install like any other plugin, using Joomla! installer


I do not have any thumbnails displayed

Copy one of these broken image, it should look like this

if you get this error message in bowser

GD Library Error: imagecreatetruecolor does not exist

You MUST ask your hosting provider to install PHP GD2

PHP is not limited to creating just HTML output. It can also be used to create and manipulate image files in a variety of different image formats, including GIF, PNG, JPEG, WBMP, and XPM. Even more convenient, PHP can output image streams directly to a browser. You will need to compile PHP with the GD library of image functions for this to work. GD and PHP may also require other libraries, depending on which image formats you want to work with.

No related articles are displayed

Check that you do not have only one article in each categories. This module or plugin display articles which are in the same categories. If you have only article in every categories, it wont display anything! this is expected, as the plugin do not display the article you are viewing in the list (it is excluded).

Check also that if you use the module version, you have selected the categories where the module is active in administrator panel.


Official Forums support where you can report bugs or ask for new features


> Version 2.0.0

Total rewrite, new code with thumbnails so all credits goes to ... me

Version 1.5.1

Created by Hien Cao (2005) and converted to Joomla! 1.5 API by Cédric Walter 2008

Frequently asked questions


Version 1.5.x (old version without thumbnails)