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This extension for Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5 that allow you to inline a set of images from your favorite online gallery: Smugmug, Flickr, Picasa, Gallery2/Gallery3 and YouTube or any RSS feed in any article.

It consist of

  • 2 plugin
  • 1 module
  • 1 component




Features video!i=1792989446&k=726WRdK&lb=1&s=A


Usage video!i=1792994272&k=MKLmCMX&lb=1&s=A


If you put the following in your article

{rss uri= limit=5 from=247}


you get the following result



Use the Joomla installer like usual or follow these screenshots:

PhotofeedInstall1.png PhotofeedInstall2.png

If everything work, you should have the following displayed



publish Button - photofeed

You ll have to search for "Button - photofeed" and edit it, click "Save and Close" to make the plugin work! This is because the installation install the plugin but do not publish it (even if it look like being published, a fix will follow soon)

Plugin ordering

photofeed needed to be higher than rokbox: it need to run before Rokbox to properly work.

example of ordering:

  • photofeed in position 9
  • rokbox in position 10

Uninstall / Remove

Use the Joomla installer like under Manager


Then click uninstall


Order of parameters is not important

  • uri (required) = a valid rss feed
  • limit (optionnal) = number of images to display from the feed, if empty default value is 10
  • from (optionnal) = xxxx a number if you do not want to start displaying from the fist images


  • without from display 10 images from the rss feed:

{rss uri= limit=10}

  • with from only starting at images 3, display 10 images from the rss feed :

{rss uri= limit=10 from=3}




{rss uri= limit=9}


Concerning the size of pictures displayed when using Picasa, the max picture size returned by the RSS feed is height="265px" and width="512px", embedded thumbnails being of size

  1. height="38px" width="72px"
  2. height="75px" width="144px"
  3. height="149px" width="288px”

It is not in any way a limitation of cedPhotofeed

Do not also use https but http for now (Limitation of simplepie the RSS parser being used)

More questions

Support of Google Picasa


Example: {rss uri= limit=12}


Example: {rss uri= limit=5}


Example: {rss uri= limit=9}


Download HERE

Install like any other module, using Joomla! installer

Here is how the process look like:


For a better Appearance, i recommend you to install one of those library

Using a media viewer

pure HTML rendering

If you select rendering = html a simple HTML layout where windows will be displayed in popup will be used.

I like RokBox a lot and recommend it, it is a free plugin

Rokbox: The Ultimate Javascript Powered Multimedia Box

RokBox, the successor of our popular RokZoom plugin, is a mootools powered JavaScript slideshow that allows you to quickly and easily display multiple media formats including images, videos (video sharing services also) and music. RokBox provides a theme system that allows you to create your own custom ones to fit your websites design. It includes two predefined themes, a Light theme and a Dark theme that will fit seemlessly into your site design. RokBox is as easy as pie to install and customize, providing an easy way to create your own custom themes for it.


Rendering plugin must be executed after photofeed, use plugin order of your plugin of choice (rokbox, lightbox2, etc...) to execute it after photofeed

Picture hosting


find the SmugMug feed URI. SmugMug provides several feeds for each user account. Go to the bottom of your gallery page and click on the Available Feeds link to see all of them. We’re going to use the Recent Photos Atom feed. In my case, it is:

At the bottom of your gallery,

Note concerning Gallery copy protected

You will have NO image displayed if you decide to limit the size of your images in "Gallery settings" and ask in the plugin for a larger image than the limit you have put in place!

In your smugmug gallery settings, under "Largest size", you can choose the largest size you'd like available. Basic and Power users can choose to display images only as big as SmugMug's XLarge size. Professional subscribers can choose to display images only as big as SmugMug's medium size. Want to display your photos big and beautiful but still keep them secure? Block originals, and use a watermark.


  1. you limit the largest size to L in your gallery settings
  2. you set the plugin to retrieve images form feed in size XL

-> this wont work for obvious reasons! either increase largest size or change PhotoFeed plugin settings to match your smugmug gallery settings


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Visit the release manager

Always use the latest version subscribe to the download RSS



RSS feed are cached in /cache/*.spc example of file: 368e0713520713facc7798c0568615dd.spc

HTML are cache in cache/plg_content_photofeed/*.php example of file: d22048fc81131d1032d29b6f08caf1ab-cache-plg_content_photofeed-494c11f12e7f0b6ee2f932616efb5ec9.php

You can safely empty the Joomla cache, or delete any of these files at any time to force a refresh